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At Gondwana Macadamias, we strive to ensure our social movements, create positive and lasting change, to the lives we touch.

  • Staff are rewarded well above award wages.

  • Engage local contractors and suppliers at fair prices to maximise local employment.

  • Look to build long term relationships with all stakeholders.


  • Long term members of Landcare.

  •  Active members NSW Farmers.

  • Strong supporters of Macadamia Conservation Trust. Through both hosting the Macadamia Tetraphylla Arboretum and choosing to plant MCT1 and pay royalties.

  • Members of Local Hall and Lands Trust Boards.

  • Active Macadamia Industry members and advocates.


  • Strong focus on WHS policies and procedures, to ensure a safe work culture.

  • Training updated regularly.

  • All staff provided training and staff development initiatives. 

  • Respectful work environment.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer.

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