Easter Macadamia Crumb Trio

$45.00 $40.00

Save $5 on this special Easter trio of our Macadamia Seasoned Crumb.

To get Easter feasting ready we have bundled up three of our Macadamia Seasoned Crumb in a boxed trio pack.

Having these three in the kitchen will make your Easter preparation simple and delicious.

1. Macadamia Crumb Reef - perfect topped on fish and seafood

2. Macadamia Crumb Decadence - takes your home made desserts to the next level 

3. Macadamia Crumb Exotic - works perfectly with lamb or you can use it like a traditional dukkah, fresh bread dipped in an delicious oil then dipped again in our Exotic Macadamia Crumb.

Easter Macadamia Trio $40 (you save $5)

NB: Please order before Monday 15 March for pre Easter delivery.