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Buy Australian macadamia nuts in shell

Savour the moment: Enjoy slow roasted macadamia nuts

Ask any macadamia farmer in Australia how they crack the super hard shell of a macadamia to get the creamy kernel inside and the answer will be simple. They either use a hammer or a brick!


If you prompt them for a little more detail, then they might tell you that they enjoy eating the nuts on the back porch at the end of the day, among friends and family, sometimes with a cold beer in hand!

Gondwana slow roasted macadamias capture that experience perfectly.

Roasted in their shell on the farm where they grew

When Mel and Ron Caccianiga began developing their extensive range of macadamia products they knew they wanted to get back to basics. “We knew we wanted to roast the macadamias in their shell so that people could go back to that really early experience of just sitting around with a beautiful bowl of nuts and savouring their snack as a family, sharing a nut and a few laughs.”

Their slow roasted macadamia nuts are a special kind of slow food.

The nuts are gathered from the orchard floor and their outer husk removed to reveal the hard shell protecting the delicious kernel inside.

Slowly and carefully, the pair roast the kernels inside their shells until the sugars have just caramelised. This intensifies their nutty flavour and emphasises their unique crunch.

Then, they simply bag them up and send them on to you, so you can savour the experience of cracking and eating them, enjoying the creamy crunch.

Slow roasted macadamias the way farmers do 


Ron and Mel don’t expect people to have bricks or hammers handy to open these nuts (although if you do, go for it!) so they sell a range of nutcrackers that are specifically designed to cope with the extremely hard shell of the macadamia nut.

TJ's Best Macadamia Nut Cracker is an uncomplicated, dependable choice because of its lifetime warranty.

But the Nut Buster is more fun! Specifically designed for macadamias, the way you thwack together the Nut Buster’s two pieces of rubber-lined merbau timber together resembles the feeling of hitting the nut with a hammer, evoking that feeling of being on the back deck of the farmhouse surrounded by family and friends.


Visit the Gondwana online shop to discover their range of nuts and nut crackers as well as other culinary items that showcase the delicious creamy crunch of slow roasted macadamia nuts.