Gondwana Macadamias

At Gondwana Macadamias, we care about the big picture. But who are we? We are Ron and Mel, a farmer and cook. We are passionate about the ancient benefits of macadamias and creating nourishing, enriching products for modern kitchens and bathrooms. 

We’d been regeneratively farming beef cattle for years when we made the switch to macadamias. Continually intrigued and inspired by the qualities of these nuts, we now tend our NSW Northern Rivers macadamia orchards with watchful eyes and caring hands, reflecting our genuine commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. 

We are committed to practices that are sustainable and regenerative, building the soil and protecting biodiversity. We lovingly roast our nuts onsite so they can transform into our extensive range of healthy, versatile and downright delicious products that can effortlessly slot into everyday routines.

We invite you to have a look around our store and explore our culinary products and skincare essentials that showcase the health-giving benefits of macadamias.

From ancient times to modern kitchens, we are
Gondwana Macadamia

We take our inspiration from the 100 year old Macadamia Tetraphylla that sits on the highest part of our farm. This tree, planted long ago, graces us each spring with glorious pink flowers - like the one in our logo! In Autumn, she produces distinctly creamy nuts. She reminds us of the long history of macadamias in this landscape, originating millions of years ago right in the same place we farm them today. 

Acknowledgement of country

We acknowledge that we are continuing a long tradition of sharing macadamias in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, a tradition begun by the Australian indigenous people of the Bundjalung nation. We wish to recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community.

We pay our respects to First Nations Leaders, past, present and future.

A little story about us...

About Macadamias

Where I'm From: Macadamias Incredible Origins

Macadamias originated in the vast rainforest of Australia over 60 million years ago. The climate and the soil here nurtures this rare and precious nut, providing an offering from nature which is pure, whole and healing. Discover the story of the macadamia from the very beginning and be awed by its incredible natural landscape. Press play to find out more.

About Conservation

Macadamia Change Maker Ian McConachie

Australian macadamia pioneer Ian McConachie has been an integral part of the macadamia industry for 60 years. Since European settlement up to 90 percent of wild macadamia trees have been lost and the Australian government has now classified all the wild macadamia species as either vulnerable or endangered. Ian has been a driving force in the conservation of these rare and special trees, including forming the Macadamia Conservation Trust.  Press play to learn more about macadamia change maker Ian McConachie