Yes. Gondwana Macadamias is 100% owned, operated family business. Every nut we sell, comes from our farm, and we love to support local businesses whenever we can.

Yes. Harvested, dehusked, stored and slow roasted on site. With the same attention to detail to the nut has enjoyed, it’s entire life.

Only by the sunshine and coastal sea breeze. Nothing is added. Just pure Macadamia as nature intended.

The shell is hard…super hard. The hardest of all nut shells. But the process is easy.

In our humble opinion, the Hammer cracker is more fun, for young and the young at heart. The TJ’s cracker gets the job done faster.

Trust us…we sneakily eat lots of slow roasted Macadamias!

Macadamias absorb moisture from the atmosphere. As much as we love having a big bowl on the bench, for a quick snack, we recommend storage in an airtight container. Glass is best, preferably in the fridge. Make sure you let them return to room temperature before cracking and eating, for optimum flavour.

If you are eating quickly, simply reseal their package, and keep in a cool dark place.

We know we can't stop at one, the whole bag disappears quickly.

Yes, both crackers have full manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, drop us a note, and we will organise a replacement ASAP.

Still have some questions?

Please contact us we are more than happy to help.