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Taste the Australian landscape with our Macadamia Seasoned Crumb Bush Blend. Macadamias, almonds and pistachios combine with lemon myrtle, pink peppercorns, sesame seeds and spices. Wonderful as a soup or salad topper, a delicious crumb for  chicken or incredible dipped on the end of prawn skewers before you grill.


Macadamia Seasoned Crumb - Bush (125g)

  • Once opened please store in the fridge with the lid on. Will last for 8 weeks after opening.


  • Australian: We are an 100% Australian owned and operated business. Our products are 100% Australian made with majority Australian ingredients.

    Vegan: Yes, all ingredients are plant based.

    Packaging: These jars are reusable and recyclable. 

    Gluten: While the individual ingredients in this product are gluten-free, it's important to note that the kitchen where these items are crafted is not designated as a gluten-free environment. Consequently, we refrain from making any gluten-free claims to ensure transparency about potential cross-contamination risks that may occur during the production process.