Gondwana Botanicals Skincare: 100ml Renew Macadamia Oil for Face


Described as a powerhouse of Australian botanical brilliance, our Renew Macadamia Face Oil uses native Australian macadamia, sandalwood and rose mahogany to create a powerful skin regenerator, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 along with Xymenynic Acid.

The Australia native sandalwood oil helps target skin tone, age lines, blemishes and hydration.

The Australian rosewood oil, an exciting sustainably sourced natural fragrance, gifts this lightweight oil, a unique fresh fragrance. 

The Australian macadamia oil replicates the skin's natural sebum and acts as a carrier of the ingredients to act deep within the dermal layer - repairing skin from within. 


As unique as its Northern Rivers rainforest hinterland home, this face oil is clean, eco conscious, natural skincare.