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The healing power of macadamia oil for skin

The healing power of macadamia oil for skin

Picture this: Mel Caccianiga had been on her new farm for two weeks. The gorgeous macadamia farm in the NSW Northern Rivers that she and husband Ron had spent years searching for and planning over. In the midst of planting out trees and building the business, Mel degloved the skin off part of her hand.



That’s the technical term, but it’s not as pretty as it sounds. Her thumb was crushed and the end of her finger had to be sewn back on.

It was a dramatic start to farming life but Mel credits the macadamias she grows for helping with her healing.

What started as a way to soothe the skin on her healing hand became an important part of the cosmetic recovery from the injury. “I only used macadamia oil on my skin after my recovery,” says Mel.

“It was so soothing and I’ve since learned that is because of the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. There’s next to no scarring and in one place you can’t even see where it came off!”

macadamia oil for skin


Powerful native Australian plants

After experiencing the healing properties of Australia’s native nuts first hand (so to speak), Mel’s enthusiasm for the healing and beauty benefits of macadamia oil grew.  

She began working on ways to include the healing benefits she had experienced into skincare products.

The more she investigated and “went down the rabbit hole”, as she calls it, the more her enthusiasm for natural skin care grew. “Australia has just got a beautiful suite of really powerful plants,” says Mel.


Macadamia oil for skin: Gondwana Botanicals Skincare 

Fast forward a few years on from her hand injury and Mel’s Gondwana Botanicals Skincare range is going from strength to strength with a growing range of luscious and luxurious products that showcase the incredible benefits of macadamia oil.

Macadamia oil is a highly effective, lightweight moisturiser. It is high in palmitoleic oil which helps plump and restore tired ageing skin, oleic acid which is naturally anti-inflammatory, and linoleic acid which restores the skin’s natural barrier without clogging pores.  

The Gondwana Botanicals Skincare range of face oils, moisturisers, body scrub and hand wash celebrates these healing properties of macadamia oil and the power of other Australian native plants.

Explore the full Gondwana Botanicals Skincare range at our online store today.

macadamia oil for skin